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Focus on You, Stay in Your Lane

Often I will hear physicians discussing their practices and what they "need" to bring to it in order to feel as if they are staying relevant. In the last few years some of the hot buttons have been everything from regenerative medicine to minimally invasive surgery; and let's not forget [...]

Your Meeting Has a Life of Its Own… And That’s a Good Thing!

As you get closer and closer to implementing your educational event, there's going to be a solid amount of time when you reflect on what you've accomplished in years past. When you look back, there are likely some common themes that you always incorporate into your meeting - the aspects [...]

Stop Doing It Just Because “They” Did

How many times do you walk around an exhibit hall floor and see the glitz and glamour of other booths? Maybe it's a huge blimp-like sign above the booth coming from the ceiling... maybe it's a display with screens and lights built into the walls. Maybe it's not the booth [...]

Scrimping + Saving – and Reallocating

Quick Tips from Ann Meetings can save money by reevaluating the services they think of as standard – such as food during the break times. This year at the FPMA SAM Conference, there were only drinks set out during the breaks and I didn’t even notice there wasn’t any food [...]

Find Yourself a Study Buddy

Quick Tips from Sarah Hopefully as we forge on after two years of pandemic stress, you are starting to feel more comfortable going to public places - and especially going to meetings that require travel! I know I have missed the on-site meeting scene as well as my "travel buddies" [...]


Quick Tips from Sarah My partnership theme here can't stop, won't stop. For meeting planners, however, it's a little bit different and it could get REALLY tricky. Over the last few years, Ann and I have heard many people (both DPMs and exhibitors) talk about how there are just too [...]

Struggling to Reach Young Physicians? We hear you.

Article by Ann Dosen Recently we scheduled several sessions with Young Physicians to discuss their thoughts on in-person meetings. Our goal is to find out what young physicians are looking for when selecting their meetings, including locations, content, cost, time of year, and more. Here’s the problem we ran into [...]


On November 10th, PodiatryMeetings.com hosted a group discussion event for podiatric meeting planners in an effort to learn from one another and discuss how to provide value to sponsors during a virtual event. The event was jam-packed with useful information based on the experiences of our industry's top meeting planners. [...]

Maximizing Your Virtual Exhibiting Opportunities

Last month we jotted down several tips to help exhibitors get the most ROI from their exhibiting opportunities. But everyone knows that videos are way more fun!! Check out recent video about how to best utilize the tools provided for your virtual exhibiting investments: PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD

Get the most from PodiatryMeetings.com

Our website is meant to be a one-stop-resource for everything you need to know about meetings in our profession. Watch our useful video below and better understand how to navigate our site in order to find everything you need to know about upcoming meetings... and to maximize your learning, shopping, [...]

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