November 15 | 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Open House for Associates and Practices: Find Your Match, Find Your Practice

Let’s Face It. It’s hard in today’s industry to find the right person to join your team; or the right team for you to join.

This event took place on November 15, 2022. You can access the recording by clicking the button below.


How important is location? Where does ownership fit into the discussion? Where can I find opportunities? Where can I find a physician to join me? What are physicians looking for? What are practice owners looking for? What does it mean to join a corporate group? What should be included in a compensation and benefit plan?

We will cover all of these considerations and more. Don’t miss the most needed event of 2022.


John Guiliana, DPM will discuss all facets of finding the right placement, followed by introductions of practices looking for associates and doctors looking for positions, followed by an open question and answer time.

This event is sponsored by Provider Resources, LLC.

Provider Resources LLC has been working with Podiatrists for over 30 years in guiding professionals through the entire process of selling, acqusition, and associate buy in process. Mike Crosby, MBA, CPA is a skilled transaction consultant who has extensive experience with the podiatric profession.

The addition of Bruce B. Levin, DPM, FACFAS, with 35 years of podiatric practice experience, allows Provider Resources LLC to expand its understanding of not just the numbers that make practices successful, but the mechanics of running a practice, to helping prepare for successful transitions. Learn more at