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FABI Nugget | Eye on the New Year

With December already upon us, it would make sense to have one eye on the new year. As you are hopefully closing this year with a final, strong kick, now is the time to put a plan together to leave the starting gate strong in 2023. In the video, [...]

FABI Nugget | Ways to Increase Revenue

In this version of the FABI Nugget, I want to talk about ways to increase revenue.  There are only two ways to increase revenue and that is to increase the number of patients that come through the office and to increase the revenue/visit for those that come through.  While [...]

Finding Your Flow Zone | Nov 2022

We all have days or a time of day when we sat down, felt motivated, and got a ton of stuff done with no obstacles or issues. We have also had days where no matter what we do, we can’t seem to get anything done. Every little thing distracts us [...]

Make Your Program Ads More Effective | Nov 2022

At all the conferences I’ve attended in 2022, I’ve made a point to take a good look at the program provided to attendees. One of the things I’ve been paying attention to is the ads companies place. We know these ads are not free, and in fact, many cost a [...]

“P” -ing Your Way to Patient Prosperity

This FABI Nugget is brought to you by the letter P. We have to look no further in the alphabet to find the key to building rapport with your patients. Keeping these P’s in mind can ensure a Positive experience with each encounter. Punctual: Nothing says respect better than [...]

Milk Your Meetings

Sarah Breymeier If you have downtown during a meeting... guess what, no more! From now on when you are not busy selling and schmoozing, you are going to utilize the time to showcase your products in a way that you can't when you're at home! When you're at a meeting [...]

Using the Enneagram to Know Your Team Strengths and Weaknesses

There are many different systems used to define personality types. Myers-Briggs, DISC, Love Languages, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram – just to name a few. At a few of the companies I’ve worked for, we’ve had consultants come in and help us figure out our types and how that impacts the way we [...]

FABI Successful Office Manager

As a coach and consultant to Podiatrists on best business practices, I’ve spent time in many practices across the country meeting with the owner, office manager and team. What all of them wanted the most were tools for effective communication. The office managers specifically desired insights to leading the [...]

Always Say “Yes” to a Special Event

Sarah Breymeier I am definitely a believer in "different strokes for different folks," however there is a single truth that we must all accept as podiatric vendors... WE ARE IN SALES! You probably already knew that, right? Then, I will be honest when I say I cannot accept it if [...]

FABI You Can’t Afford to Stop Marketing

Most people think that when a new patient calls to make an appointment their marketing job is done. I say it’s only just begun! We all know that the rate of patients not showing up for an appointment is higher now than ever. Engaging with new patients after they’ve [...]

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