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Adapt and Evolve

Reflecting on the last three years, I feel that 2023 was as close to "the good 'ole days" (pre-Covid) as we've had in comparison to 2020, 2021 and 2022; meaning in-person meetings were not bombarded with heavy restrictions and the process/flow felt "normal" again. However, it's also safe to say [...]

Repeated Exposure – Proof of Concept | May 2023

We have all heard that it takes varied, repeated exposure of something before it resonates with the audience. We've written about this before... click here Earlier this year I got to see this repeated exposure concept in action. I think of our sales strategy for selling sponsorships and advertising a [...]

A Perfect Pair

One of the best things about getting out of the office and to a conference is hearing what others are doing - and then wishing I was smart enough to think of it first! One of the best ideas I've heard in a long time is finding another exhibitor colleague [...]

Exhibitor Workshop Recap | May 2023

Back in February at the FPMA SAM conference, we hosted an Experienced Exhibitor Workshop in the Exhibit Hall. We had a blast doing this and hope you got something out of it! We talked about many different things but our focus was how to choose the meetings to exhibit [...]

Prepare for Your Vendor Experience

We always preach planning for your upcoming meetings in an effort to help you maximize your experience. It's been two whole years since we first created our "My Meeting Exhibit Hall Plan" DPM Download. So, this is a helpful reminder to utilize this tool (and our other downloads) to prepare your [...]

FABI Nugget | Key Metrics to a High-Performing Team

The FABI nugget this month is focused on team. Everyone wants a healthy culture and high-performing team but how do you get there? In this video, I share 5-Key Metrics of a High-Performing Team and go deeper on three of them. The 5-Key Metrics are: 1. Relationship 2. Communication 3. [...]

Pre-Show Communication Strategy

February 2023 at SAM we held an Experienced Exhibitor Workshop that was packed with information. We do plan on sharing it all with you... but here's a chunk focused on pre-show communication that you can sink your teeth in to for now. Communication strategy is a LOT to digest... so [...]

FABI Nugget | Nurturing Your Database

Garbage in is garbage out. With the New Year upon us, it’s time to sort through the trash and clean up our databases to maximize our marketing efforts. To what databases am I referring? Your databases of patients, referral sources, and vendors of course. If you don’t maintain a list [...]

FABI Nugget | Eye on the New Year

With December already upon us, it would make sense to have one eye on the new year. As you are hopefully closing this year with a final, strong kick, now is the time to put a plan together to leave the starting gate strong in 2023. In the video, [...]

FABI Nugget | Ways to Increase Revenue

In this version of the FABI Nugget, I want to talk about ways to increase revenue.  There are only two ways to increase revenue and that is to increase the number of patients that come through the office and to increase the revenue/visit for those that come through.  While [...]

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