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Meeting/Conference/Seminar Overall Exhibitor Rating Overall Attendee Rating Complete Review
AAPPM – Fall 3.0 No Data Available AAPPM Fall Ratings
ACFAP No Data Available 5.0 ACFAP Ratings
ACFAS Annual Scientific Seminar 3.5 No Data Available ACFAS Ratings
ACFAS – Billing & Coding No Data Available 5.0 ACFAS Billing & Coding Ratings
ACPME No Data Available 4.0 ACPME Ratings
AMIFAS No Data Available 5.0 AMIFAS Ratings
AENS No Data Available 5.0 AENS Ratings
APMA National 3.0 4.0 APMA National Ratings
APMA Coding Seminar No Data Available 4.0 APMA Coding Seminar Ratings
ASPS 2.0 4.0 ASPS Ratings
Contemporary Approaches Seminar No Data Available 4.0 Contemporary Approaches Seminar Ratings
DERMfoot 3.0 4.5 DERMfoot Ratings
Desert Foot No Data Available 4.5 Desert Foot Ratings
Goldfarb Clinical Conference 3.0 5.0 Goldfarb Clinical Conference Ratings
Goldfarb Montana No Data Available 5.0 Goldfarb Montana Ratings
Graham Int’l Implant Institute No Data Available 5.0 GIII Ratings
IFAF – Lake Tahoe No Data Available 5.0 IFAF Lake Tahoe Ratings
Kent State – Southeast National No Data Available 4.0 Kent State SE National Ratings
Kent State – Renaissance Italy No Data Available 5.0 Kent State Renaissance Ratings
MIFAS Cadaver Lab No Data Available 5.0 MIFAS Ratings
Midwest Podiatry Conference 3.0 5.0 MPC Ratings
MSPMA (Mississppi) Annual 5.0 5.0 MsPMA Ratings
NCFAS (North Carolina) 4.0 No Data Available NCFAS Ratings
NEOAPM Fall Classic / Super Saver 4.0 No Data Available NEOAPM / Super Saver Ratings
NJPMS (New Jersey) – Spring No Data Available 5.0 NJPMS Ratings
No Nonsense Ohio Seminar 3.5 No Data Available No Nonsense Ohio Ratings
NYCPM (Glen Cove) No Data Available 4.0 NYCPM Ratings
NYSPMA (New York) 3.5 4.0 NYSPMA Ratings
Ohio Foot & Ankle Scientific Seminar (OHFAMA) No Data Available 5.0 OHFAMA Ratings
OKPMA (Oklahoma) Fall 3.0 No Data Available OKPMA Fall Ratings
OSC (Ontario Society of Chiropodists) 4.0 No Data Available OSC Ratings
PodiatryExpo Comments Only 4.5 PodiatryExpo Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Atlanta No Data Available 4.5 PI Atlanta Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Chicago 2.0 No Data Available PI Chicago Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Little Rock No Data Available 5.0 PI Little Rock Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Newport No Data Available 5.0 PI Newport Ratings
Podiatry Institute – New Orleans No Data Available 4.0 PI New Orleans Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Phoenix No Data Available 5.0 PI Phoenix Ratings
Podiatry Institute – Sanibel 3.0 No Data Available PI Sanibel Ratings
Present Residency Summit – East No Data Available 5.0 Present ResEd East Ratings
Present Residency Summit – Midwest 2.5 5.0 Present ResEd Midwest Ratings
Present Treasure Hunt No Data Available 5.0 Present Treasure Hunt Ratings
Region 1 (APMA) 2.0 4.5 Region 1 Ratings
Region 3 (APMA/Goldfarb) 4.5 4.0 Region 3 Ratings
SAM (FPMA) 4.0 4.0 SAM Ratings
SAWC Fall Symposium 5.0 5.0 SAWC Fall Ratings
Scholl College Midwinter No Data Available 5.0 Scholl Midwinter Ratings
Superbones Superwounds Spring No Data Available 5.0 SBSW Spring Ratings
Superbones Superwounds Summer 2.5 4.5 SBSW Summer Ratings
Toes in the Sand (Palm Beach PMA) 4.0 5.0 Toes in the Sand Ratings
Top Practices 4.0 No Data Available Top Practices Ratings
TPMA (Tennessee) 3.0 No Data Available TNPMA Ratings
TPMA (Texas) Annual 2.0 No Data Available Texas Annual Seminar Ratings
TPMA (Texas) Southwest 4.0 No Data Available TX Southwest Ratings
Washington State PMA 3.0 5.0 WPMA Ratings
Western (CPMA) 3.5 4.5 The Western Ratings
Wild on Wounds 4.0 No Data Available WOW Ratings