TRAVEL TIPS: Florida (Southern Region)

No Matter What the Season… Florida Keeps Meetings HOT!

One of Sarah’s & Ann’s favorite things to do when they travel to a podiatry meeting is finding new and interesting places to eat! Sarah is always on the lookout for oysters and the rarest steak she can find…. while Ann’s taste buds are constantly seeking out the best Mexican restaurant in the area!

When in Southern Florida, however, you cannot avoid seafood bliss!

Ann actually doesn’t even eat seafood, however, when in South Florida… find a place with gator bites on the menu. You need this story in your life.

Sarah’s Pick
Louie’s Backyard | 700 Waddell Ave | (305) 294-1061

The Beached Whale | 1249 Estero Blvd | (305) 296-7500
Sarah’s Special Note – You must order the buffalo shrimp… seriously heavenly… I could eat these all night as a meal or snacks!

Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill | 400 North River Drive  | (305) 371-4107

Ann’s Pick
Old Town Mexican Cafe | 609 Duval St | (305) 296-7500
Bonus!  See Ann’s “must-do” note under the PLAY section for an additional tip to seek out Irish Kevin’s

Yucatan Bar & Grill | 250 Old San Carlos Blvd | (239) 333-4386
Bonus!  See Ann’s “must-do” note under the PLAY section for an additional tip to seek out The Bubble Room

Cantina La Veinte | 495 Brickell Ave | (786) 623-6135


In Southern Florida… it’s all sun, beaches and surf shops!  Finding a place to entertain yourself after the learning is over shouldn’t be too difficult. Normally, Sarah and Ann provide you with Shopping, Attractions, and Recreation activities to look for… but as most things can’t top an ocean view or evening sunset, here are some simple suggestions!


Shopping: Make sure you go to the KINO sandal factory. They make the absolute best flip flops you will ever buy. Get the original style. Original is always best.

Dancing: Ann’s favorite spot on Duval street is Irish Kevin’s. It’s pretty laid back and they usually have live music you can sing your heart out to.

Must-Do: Definitely do a sunset snorkeling cruise. There is nothing like it and it’s actually pretty hard to get in the ocean in Key West unless you’re at a hotel with a private beach. Take the cruise and snorkel to see all the beautiful fish and coral. Bring a waterproof case for your phone to take photos! Bonus- it’s usually all you can drink beer and wine.


Must-Do: Take an evening to catch the sunset at the end of Captiva Island. It’s called the Green Flash when the sun disappears behind the horizon.  There are not many places where you can experience the same thing. While you’re there, grab dinner at the Bubble Room. It’s one of a kind and not to be missed.

Twofer: If you’re at a meeting in Ft. Myers… but still want to explore some of the spots we’ve mentioned in Key West, you can get there quick and easy for half a day or a full day with the ferry – Key West Express