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Content is Queen

Provide value by building know-like-trust. “You can copy the recipe, but the sauce won’t taste the same.” -Kim Kardashian Kim said it best. She’s reminding us that we can share our tips and secrets and tools to help our colleagues and even - gasp! - our competitors but we all [...]

Become a Brand Champion

Having worked with various podiatric providers (from orthoses and lasers to AFOs and emollients), I've come to understand how certain products can become the basis of a thriving podiatry practice; products that the DPM relies on daily to provide optimal care. So, what I wonder is - do they know? [...]

Location Location Location

Four years into these newsletters, one would think we would have hit on this topic already, right?! Well, better late than never! Plus, so much has changed in the exhibiting space, that choosing the "right booth" now has different variables compared to years past. Obviously, your budget will play a [...]

Clearing Out the Clutter

The 2023 conference year is almost finished, bringing in a brand new year to revisit meetings you've previously attended and/or explore meetings you've never tried before. It also provides the chance to employ a new booth strategy. If you don't feel like you've gotten the most out of your meetings [...]

Reinstill Your Creative Juices

This time of year is always a little strange. There seems to be an intense "back to work" vibe after the excitement of summer has died. For some, this could be a feeling of great motivation to end the year energized and productive; but I get the feeling that most [...]

Notice Scientific Trends & Make It Work at Your Booth

This October there are three conferences that are narrowing in on a single patient demographic - pediatrics. Did you notice??? I always find it interesting how the profession seems to take on trends like this; in fact, right before COVID hit there seemed to be a major surge in dermatology-focused [...]

Research Shows that DPMs Like to Have Fun

If you were at the National in Nashville this month, you may have heard some commotion at Booth #627. Here's are some reminder images: We had so much booth traffic that many of our colleagues stated that when they choose their booth placement [...]

Acknowledge All Feedback But Embrace the Positive.

We are all guilty of it - dwelling on the negative things people have to say about us (personally or professionally) versus thriving from the positive. We are professionals. We care about performance, so an unsatisfied customer bothers us. Trust me - I get it. Here's the thing... I've also [...]

Engage Without Being a Sleazy Salesman

It’s time to dust off your sales and people skills. You are about to be back in a trade show booth, attempting to engage passers-by to tell them about what you have to offer. Being a good booth rep is a delicate balance of being friendly and unintimidating while also [...]

Avoiding the “Negative Nancy” Conversations

Meetings - while the number one goal is education, an equally important side effect is inspiration! Who is able to feel inspired and motivated if your energy is being pulled down by "Negative Nancies?" You know the pessimistic types of people I'm referring to... at a meeting they usually have [...]

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