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Acknowledge All Feedback But Embrace the Positive.

We are all guilty of it - dwelling on the negative things people have to say about us (personally or professionally) versus thriving from the positive. We are professionals. We care about performance, so an unsatisfied customer bothers us. Trust me - I get it. Here's the thing... I've also [...]

Engage Without Being a Sleazy Salesman

It’s time to dust off your sales and people skills. You are about to be back in a trade show booth, attempting to engage passers-by to tell them about what you have to offer. Being a good booth rep is a delicate balance of being friendly and unintimidating while also [...]

Avoiding the “Negative Nancy” Conversations

Meetings - while the number one goal is education, an equally important side effect is inspiration! Who is able to feel inspired and motivated if your energy is being pulled down by "Negative Nancies?" You know the pessimistic types of people I'm referring to... at a meeting they usually have [...]

Marketing Your Meeting – An Implementation Timetable

Organizing a meeting is a LOT OF WORK! From working with the venue regarding lecture space & AV, room blocks and meals... not to mention the faculty, CPME compliance and about a million other things. By the time you're knee-deep in all of these details, marketing the meeting can sometimes [...]

Get Your On-Site Materials Organized

We recently published a tip in our Experienced Exhibitor newsletter about getting your processes in place for the return of in-person trade shows. I've created a checklist for planning and a checklist for packing that we use when we exhibit and encourage all her clients to use as well. You [...]

Engage Your Staff with Exhibit Hall Activities

We always encourage physicians to bring along their staff to conferences whenever possible. While you're in lectures, your team can be exploring the exhibit hall. Here's a great way to make it fun while also previewing new products and services for you to check out. Host an Exhibit Hall Scavenger [...]

Travel Buzz | April 2021

If you had flight credits from cancelled travel in 2020, be sure to check the expiration of the credits. Many airlines extended the date but there may be some action required on your part. For example, I had a flight booked through Orbitz on Delta and I had to go [...]

Logistics Buzz and Vendor Download | April 2021

Finally, we’re looking at a return of trade shows and conferences, many are 100% in-person. It’s been a while since you have planned to exhibit live. I live and die by checklists for planning and packing. Now is the time to review your planning and packing processes to ensure everything [...]

How Synergistic are your Sales and Marketing Team Members? | April 2021

We are all well understanding that conferences are the perfect combination of sales and marketing. Often I get the question, "what's the difference between sales and marketing." I always answer with this... It's similar to leading a horse to water... marketing leads the horse to water, and the sales representative [...]

Mindset Buzz | April 2021

Over the course of the last year, we have been forced to learn new ways of doing business; and conferences have been one of the biggest adjustments. As someone who prides herself on continual growth and learning, preaching the necessity to adapt and survive has been relatively natural for me. [...]

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