Four years into these newsletters, one would think we would have hit on this topic already, right?! Well, better late than never! Plus, so much has changed in the exhibiting space, that choosing the “right booth” now has different variables compared to years past.
Obviously, your budget will play a part in your booth selection. Once you’ve determined which booths you can afford, don’t just throw a dart and choose at random. Take some time to really think about the layout and try to visualize how an attendee will flow through.
I wrote a tip a while back about a booth that was located on a far-right wall, one that typically would be considered a “bad” location. However, because of the layout, attendees entering through the main entrance had a clear view of that booth right as they entered and the design of the booth grabbed their attention, resulting in traffic to a “bad” location. Bonus- it was the lowest booth rate!
Another strategy is to look closely at booths that are already reserved and the companies that are there. Are they typically busy? Do their products compliment yours? Maybe being close to one of your distributors is a good idea.
When in doubt, it’s also never a bad idea to get a booth next to Ann & Sarah! 😉
– Ann Dosen