Are you one of those people who is able to get up early in the morning before a work day and go to the gym??? Wow. I applaud you! I am 100% NOT that person – unless I promise someone I’ll meet them at the gym. That commitment to another person locks me in.
What does this have to do with meetings? Well, it’s a bit of a comparison about how you can ensure you don’t just go through the motions at a meeting. By committing to others and scheduling meetings and/or appointments during a conference, could be a way to ensure you don’t just wake up, go to your required lectures, eat dinner and go to bed.
No. There’s more to meetings than that!
I truly HATE committing myself to schedules and/or appointments, but I know it’s a necessity to ensure I don’t fall into a trap of doing the bare minimum at a meeting. When we are face-to-face at conferences, it is essential to maximize the time by connecting with clients and business partners; or to network for new professional relationships.
I often reflect on the conferences I have attended over the last 12 years of meetings and I have been disappointed in myself when I get back to the home office and realize I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have because I simply got lazy.
By scheduling one-on-one meetings, lunches, dinners, etc ahead of time, you put yourself in a position of commitment to another or several others that you will follow through; and so you do it.
Just like that early morning workout at the gym with your buddy (that you probably hate in the moment for dragging you out of your cozy slumber), you walk away feeling accomplished and knowing your future self will thank you.
-Sarah Breymeier