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Making Your “A-Ha Moments” Come to Life

Looking back at the last several conferences you've attended, I'm sure there have been some unique moments where you think, "Wow! That's brilliant... I am going to start implementing this in my practice right away!" And then it sits... and sits... and sits... We're all familiar with the concept of, [...]

Improve Your Digital Branding Offerings

Have you been disappointed by the lack of interest in your organization’s digital branding opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors? Sarah and I have been having many discussions with our exhibitor colleagues lately and one of the topics we’ve been focusing on is the current branding opportunities available to exhibitors at [...]

Start with Your Goal

Before deciding on conference sponsorships or add-on opportunities, you must determine your goal for the meeting. Is it booth traffic, scientific podium time, brand visibility, generating a buzz? If you are a brand-new company, you need to make a splash. You need your logo EVERYWHERE. Send as many representatives as you [...]

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We've hit on this concept in a different way before... meaning, we've previously recommended that you mix up your meeting choices in an effort to experience new ideas (i.e. hear faculty members you've never heard before; attend a niche meeting to sharpen your skills in a specific area; try more management meetings [...]

Getting Back to the Good ‘Ole Days

For the last 18 months, most of the seminars you’ve attended have been virtual. In-person meetings are returning, but attendees have gotten used to being able to earn credits and learn new skills, all while still staying to see patients and have dinner at home. The "old days" of [...]

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

During our Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind sessions, the focus was to brainstorm strategies meeting planners can implement to improve the exhibitor experience. Let me tell you, we came up with a TON of solid gold genius ideas. No way am I going to tell you all of them in one article! However, I [...]

Creating Fun and Inspired Environments

Over the last several days, Ann and I have had multiple conversations with exhibitors to gain insight which will could help meeting planners better understand how they can improve the exhibitor experience at their events. During that conversation, one of several interesting comments was made... to better communicate it, I [...]

Patience is a Virtue

One of the things that I know we're all guilty of is jumping the gun on evaluating the effectiveness of a particular meeting. Most of the time, we base the effectiveness on the amount of on-site sales we achieved. That is a very fair and very important metric; but this [...]

“We’ve Always Done it This Way” is No Longer an Answer

One of our favorite phrases to hate is, "We've always done it this way." Sarah and I believe in change, in moving forward, in "rolling with the punches." While preparing the content for this month's newsletter, I read an article that shares these sentiments and warns about being hesitant to [...]

Ya Git What Ya Git and Ya Don’t Throw a Fit

"Tough Love Sarah" is coming at y'all right now, my friends! But it's all in the spirit of positivity and growth. Just please don't T.P. my house after you read what I have to say. Here we go... Over the last year, while we've had virtual exhibit halls that didn't [...]

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