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Creating Fun and Inspired Environments

Over the last several days, Ann and I have had multiple conversations with exhibitors to gain insight which will could help meeting planners better understand how they can improve the exhibitor experience at their events. During that conversation, one of several interesting comments was made... to better communicate it, I [...]

Patience is a Virtue

One of the things that I know we're all guilty of is jumping the gun on evaluating the effectiveness of a particular meeting. Most of the time, we base the effectiveness on the amount of on-site sales we achieved. That is a very fair and very important metric; but this [...]

“We’ve Always Done it This Way” is No Longer an Answer

One of our favorite phrases to hate is, "We've always done it this way." Sarah and I believe in change, in moving forward, in "rolling with the punches." While preparing the content for this month's newsletter, I read an article that shares these sentiments and warns about being hesitant to [...]

Ya Git What Ya Git and Ya Don’t Throw a Fit

"Tough Love Sarah" is coming at y'all right now, my friends! But it's all in the spirit of positivity and growth. Just please don't T.P. my house after you read what I have to say. Here we go... Over the last year, while we've had virtual exhibit halls that didn't [...]

Making Changes YOU Choose

This month, Ann's tip for meeting planners got my brain in gear about the same topic. She stated, one of the phrases she and I love to hate is, "we've always done it that way." If you want to see my unfiltered eye roll, that's one of the phrases you [...]

Choosing Your Meeting Venue/City

Over the years we've been to all sorts of cities and hotels for meetings; i.e. large cities like Vegas, Chicago, NYC, Washington D.C. There have also been smaller cities that don't pack as much of a tourist punch. There are a lot of items to consider when putting on a [...]

Exhibiting Post-Covid

Some of us have done a few in-person shows throughout the year, but it's safe to say that we haven't done as many... and many have done ZERO. The upcoming APMA National Conference is going to be the first time many of us have stepped foot on an exhibit hall [...]

Maximize Your Meeting Success with our New Meeting Workbook

We are extremely excited to launch our newest tool for DPMs to maximize success at their continuing education meetings and events. In Denver, during the APMA National Conference, DPMs will be able to purchase this valuable resource to ensure that you document everything you need for optimal learning from lectures, [...]

Working ON your Meeting vs. IN your Meeting.

If you read this month's DPM and/or Vendor "Tricks of the Trade", you will catch that the theme for this month's newsletter is to work ON your business vs. IN your business. For meeting planners, specifically, this one is especially tough because so much of your event is simply getting [...]

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