This time of year is always a little strange. There seems to be an intense “back to work” vibe after the excitement of summer has died. For some, this could be a feeling of great motivation to end the year energized and productive; but I get the feeling that most are simply exhausted and just want to “get through it”. The last quarter of the year always seems to bring on a mindset of focusing on the holidays and there’s a bit of a slow down right before the finish line.
My advice – get your booty to a meeting! I know that probably sounds like the last thing you want to do if you’re feeling tired, but I have found that when I put myself back into the mix of “my people” (you guys), I get a new sense of inspiration and I no longer feel tired. I feel energized.
I remember how I felt during the COVID shut down. Part of me was loving the lack of stress that comes with the conference travel gig. I also remember that it was like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and create any new content. But then I went to a meeting. Side note – I had to; it’s my job. But the result of my obligation was the reigniting of my creativity and passion for my profession.
When you stay in your office, or at your home and only surround yourself with your co-workers and family, you are living in a vacuum. When you are in the vacuum it’s very difficult to achieve those incredible endorphins you get when you are in brainstorming mode.
So, one – get to a meeting and do it in person! You don’t get out of a vacuum online with no face-to-face interaction or true brainstorming opportunities that only in-person meetings offer.
Two – try a different kind of meeting. You may be writing this tip off if you are sick of going to the meetings you’ve always experienced. Well, try something new!
Consider a condition-specific meeting (i.e. podopediatrics). Consider a related field (i.e. ortho, physical therapy, wound care). There are dozens upon dozens of medical meetings that are related to podiatry, but don’t have the same exact topics and speakers you’ve seen a million times throughout the years.
Bottom line – new experiences create new ideas. Get out there.
– Sarah Breymeier