Increasingly the Standard of Care in Fungal Treatment Protocols
Markinson Encourages Use to Limit Recurrence
Complementing its popular ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer, the PediFix Footcare Company announces its acquisition of key assets of Shoe Care Innovations, Inc. – developers of SteriShoe®.
“SteriShoe pioneered the concept of using UVC light to disinfect footwear” says Jon Case, president of PediFix, the 4th generation, family-owned, longtime podiatry supporter. “Since UVC light has been used worldwide for decades to kill germs in water supplies, clean air in hospitals, decontaminate food preparation surfaces and other sanitizing applications, the father-son team there knew that this technology would be the safest, most effective way to sanitize shoes to reduce the chance of fungal recurrence.”
“UVC has since been proven in multiple studies to kill fungus and bacteria that cause athlete’s foot, onychomycosis, shoe and foot odor, slow wound healing and more, helping patients defeat skin and nail infections” he adds.
In a recent Podiatry Meetings webinar “Breaking the Fungal Recurrence Cycle – The Importance of Disinfecting Footwear”, leading expert Bryan Markinson, DPM explained “Dermatophytes can survive off the human body as spores. They are known to colonize and survive for a long duration in footwear worn by patients with onychomycosis and tinea pedis. Contaminated socks and shoes can and do act as a source of reinfection when worn by patients after achieving cure with antifungal therapy. Failure to address the fungal reservoir in shoes can hamper, delay, or prevent success. Effective management of onychomycosis includes disinfection of fungal reservoirs in shoes and socks, including post treatment prophylaxis. Therefore, ultraviolet shoe sanitizers have been developed to irradiate the innersoles of shoes and reduce the fungal burden.”
He concludes “footwear is a major reservoir of organisms” and “shoe sanitization makes total sense as part of a multi-pronged approach to preventing, managing and limiting recurrence of dermatophyte infections.”
Watch the full webinar here:
“These are proven effective adjuncts to topical, oral and laser modalities, emerging as the standard of care in leading antifungal treatment protocols” explains Christopher Case, chief marketing officer at PediFix. “Shoe sprays only mask odors. And those few with true germicidal action leave toxic residue in footwear that is reconstituted by perspiration, creating a ‘chemical swamp’ that feet stew in all day” he emphasizes. “They’re not the solution.”
“By combining resources, ShoeZap® and SteriShoe® will help more clinicians and patients decontaminate footwear effectively — during and after appointments — to minimize the likelihood of reinfection, improve outcomes and speed treatment results” says Case.
“Backed by JAPMA published study results and Seal of Acceptance, there is no better, easier or more convenient way to disinfect footwear and fight fungus.” Case adds. “Don’t ignore their shoes” he stresses, “they can and will reinfect your patients’ feet if not properly and frequently disinfected.”
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