Over the last couple of years Ann and I have had the unique privilege of consulting with meeting planners to assist in making positive changes for both DPMs and exhibitors.
For a while it seemed that many people in both of these target audiences felt that meeting planners either just didn’t care about making improvements to their events, or they simply weren’t listening.
Given the interactions we’ve had, we know that’s not the case… and it’s not going unnoticed either! There have been several event teams that have made significant changes to their events in an effort to provide a positive learning experience for DPMs and a positive sales experience for vendors.
In fact, some of you have gotten so excited about progress, that you’ve made multiple BIG CHANGES at the same time.
Please don’t stop… however, it may behoove to pump the breaks on making too many changes all at once. Simply because it’s very hard to execute everything at the level of excellence that I know you’re striving for.
When that happens, it puts the great idea at risk of being accepted.
With that in mind, take a look at the changes you want to make, prioritize them and check them off one by one. I would advise to tackle them individually to ensure each bullet point gets the attention and polish it deserves.
Even small changes – if they’re delivered flawlessly one at a time – will have a big impact.
Sarah Breymeier