Achieving consistent growth in meeting attendance gets more challenging year after year. We’ve discussed in past newsletters the factors that play into these statistics, but knowing why doesn’t change the facts. We just need to be able to adapt and make decisions based on the data.

One thing that continues to surprise me, is when meetings tend to do less marketing in order to save dollars, and then are astonished when attendance is down. Well – there’s a reason why marketing professionals stay in business.

Meeting Marketing = Higher Attendance. Plain and Simple. So if you’re looking to cut costs, I highly recommend that you DO NOT put marketing at the top of the chopping block!

To help you maximize your marketing dollars, however, check out the article below so you can invest in the strategies that work, vs. wasting dollars in areas that don’t.

ALSO – it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to contact us and see how can help promote your next event!

Five Marketing Strategies to Increase Attendance at Your Next Event
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