If you know me, you know I love practices that go all in to niche markets.
While I would love to go deeper into how to find your niche, what I really wanted to point out this month is that there seems to be a massive trend toward pediatric scientific content. In fact, after going through a quick CALENDAR OF EVENTS review, I noticed that there are three upcoming meetings specializing in this unique patient demographic.
They are:
Saturday, October 7
ACPM PRESENTS… Updates in Pediatrics & Geriatrics: Practical Pearls
Saturday, October 14
Stepping Up the Game: Expert Insights on Adolescent Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries
October 19-21
International Pediatric Foot and Ankle Conference
One of my favorite conversations was a year ago with Dr. Mikkel Jarman. He is a pediatric foot specialist who lives and breathes his niche,
If you are one of the many who is currently interested in developing your pediatric practice, take some notes from Dr. Jarman below from last year’s PodiatryExpo from PodiatryMeetings.com
Dr. Mikkel Jarman
Becoming The DPM Parents Trust…. Building a Brand in Pediatrics
– Sarah Breymeier