This October there are three conferences that are narrowing in on a single patient demographic – pediatrics. Did you notice???
I always find it interesting how the profession seems to take on trends like this; in fact, right before COVID hit there seemed to be a major surge in dermatology-focused meetings.
I’m bringing this up because I want to challenge each of you, as I always do, to end the cycle of copying/pasting your booth strategy from show to show. Conferences are becoming less “generic” and more specific to focused scientific content. This trend should impact your conference strategy.
It’s a bit challenging to explain how one company can do this across the board, so I find that hypotheticals work best; and since pediatrics is the hot topic right now, let’s use it.
So – you are exhibiting at a pediatric conference… here are some examples of how different vendor types could do low-cost updates to their tradeshow display/materials:
MARKETING AGENCY: Showcase how you can help physicians become “The DPM Parents Can Trust.” Watch the interview with Dr. Mikkel Jarman in the DPM Tip and learn how he has built a brand with consistent marketing strategies; then help your clients achieve the same.
ORTHOTICS LAB: I really hope this one is a no-brainer. Simply display your pediatric custom and OTC orthotics and make sure you have developed some specific collateral that is not tied into your enormous catalog.
PATHOLOGY: DPMs may not be creating a large amount of awareness to parents regarding the importance of monitoring their children’s feet for any abnormalities. If you are a pathology lab and want to encourage DPMs to build a relationship with you… create tools for them to create relationships with their community’s parents. These could be printed materials for their offices, videos they could use in the waiting room or online, and/or suggestions for social media posts/education/awareness.
LASER AND/OR SHOCKWAVE: Big equipment usually necessitates big evidence. Showcase how your technology is showing up strong in scientific research for children and adolescents. Here are some random examples I found in 3.5 seconds:

These are just a few examples; but I hope you get the idea. The main point is take the necessary time to ensure your booth materials and messaging is in alignment with the content your audience is being immersed in while you’re in the same physical space as them.
You will find sales easier to close and, more than likely, DPMs who appreciate that you took the time to ensure you are offering relevant products and services for the practices they are building.
-Sarah Breymeier