Having worked with various podiatric providers (from orthoses and lasers to AFOs and emollients), I’ve come to understand how certain products can become the basis of a thriving podiatry practice; products that the DPM relies on daily to provide optimal care.
So, what I wonder is – do they know? Have you taken the time to let your provider(s) know just how critical their products and/or services are to your practice success? They may know simply by the recurring orders, right? But why not take it a step further?
Consider becoming a BRAND CHAMPION. Ultimately what this means is taking the time to actively refer and promote the product in which you fully believe. Many DPMs do this without knowing; when chatting with peers and colleagues, you may discuss the products your practice couldn’t live without.
The next time you’re at a conference, you will likely approach that company’s booth and have a general conversation and probably place another order (with that awesome conference discount – woot!) But think about asking your point of contact and/or rep if there are opportunities for you as a referring partner, a consultant, or a speaker.
Obviously, there are these opportunities to engage in a financial relationship with that company, so bonus! But more importantly, if you have “discovered” something that is truly making a difference in patients’ outcomes – share it!
Take a few minutes to think about that product or those couple of products that would make you freak out if they were suddenly discontinued. You probably don’t even have to think long, right?
Get some warm and fuzzies coursing through your veins by ensuring they know how much you rely on them – and you may just see some big rewards along with a win-win partnership.