Say what you want about multi-level marketing programs (or as most people refer to them, the dreaded PYRAMID SCHEME!). Granted, it’s unlikely I would ever get involved in one again (I had my first and last experience in 2014), but there were a lot of “crash course” business lessons learned.

One of them is a semi-extension of an article I shared last month:
(click to read it) Collateral Damage: Get Rid of Those Printed Materials

Those who invest into an MLM program, very often have zero sales experience. The creators of these programs know that; they know they have a team of individuals who either have no experience selling, they are terrible at selling, or they have a morbid fear of selling.

As I was reflecting on my experience 10 years ago, it occurred to me that there are lot of physician practices who have team members in the same boat; so I am going to share a, potentially obvious, pearl that I gained from my short-lived MLM career.

Let the literature do the talking!

If you have ever been a part of an MLM program, you are probably familiar with the fact that they load you up with collateral (brochures, flyers, videos, etc.). Simply put, they would coach members of our teams to shut up – and pass out literature or press play on a video. Let the masters behind the product/service do the “talking.”

This had 2 key benefits:

The “sales rep” had less opportunities to say something inaccurate
It took pressure off the inexperienced or apprehensive sales rep and made them more confident in the process of creating awareness

But, there are long-term benefits as well. I wouldn’t recommend that this be the ONLY communication plan for your practice; however, when you have a team member that is new or reluctant, your collateral materials also equip them with the information they need to, essentially, study. Once they become competent with the information inside, you will probably start to see them coming out of their shell more and more and becoming a shining start of your dispensing team.
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