Be honest – are you ready for the month that’s made for you?!!
Obviously I’m talking about FOOT HEALTH AWARNESS MONTH.

Every year, I urge DPMs to use the 90 days (January – March) to plan an epic marketing/communications/awareness campaign to launch on April 1. 90 days may seem like a lot of time to put a plan together, yet I fail to see many practices utilize this time to make something happen.

Trust me, I’m not scolding anyone for finding it difficult to find time to plot a 30-day strategic communications campaign; let’s be real, I write this newsletter on the last day of the month every month.

OK, but here we are. April 1 is coming whether we like it or not. So I’m here to give you some ideas you can utilize on your social media channels to increase patient communication and awareness for the next 30 days – just in case you’re currently empty-handed.

Check out the verbiage below aimed to help you brainstorm a social media post for each day of April. NOTE: THIS IS WEEK ONE ONLY.

Stay tuned for further post suggestions / templates.
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Sarah Breymeier:

-Sarah Breymeier