I’m not going to waste any time talking about the importance of a polished website – we all know this. We also all know that when you get a new website, it’s great… and it doesn’t take long for it to become a mess!
Trust me – Ann and I know this pain with our own website(s). As time goes by and you have a completely new set of “things” within your organization that didn’t exist when you initially launched, it’s hard to keep it clean. Or, it may not be set up to highlight those new, awesome features you have now that didn’t exist before. We get it.
It’s also not easy to find the time (and sometimes the budget) to dive into website overhaul/redevelopment. In any case, that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about the next step in your online journey and take notice of some organizations who seem to be doing it right.
I’ve been lookin around at some sites recently and have taken notice of a few that you may want to jot down incase you are in a place where timing and budget allows for a change.
Just a few to note here! This is not an exhaustive list.
Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Spring
The Goldfarb Foundation
Amputation Prevention Symposium
Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute
Midwest Podiatry Conference