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Seminar Sites: Who’s Bringing It?

I'm not going to waste any time talking about the importance of a polished website - we all know this. We also all know that when you get a new website, it's great... and it doesn't take long for it to become a mess! Trust me - Ann and [...]

The Furniture Store is Going Out of Business… Again.

You've seen this store... we all have one in our town or nearby... The show specials on the exhibit hall floor sometimes have the same vibe; mostly because they never stick to the expiration date. Basically, docs know they can usually get away with waiting to place an order [...]

The Goal is Irrelevant

Right now I am technically not reading, but listening to a book with Audible called, Atomic Habits by James Clear. I am only a few chapters deep, but one topic discussed that reminded me of the way we can approach the sales process; it also gave me a flashback to [...]

Collateral Damage: Get Rid of Those Printed Materials

One of my favorite things to (teasingly) make fun of, especially at conferences / exhibit halls because it's so prevalent, are the individuals that freak out when they think they're going to waste their collateral materials. Oh no!!! I printed those materials for everyone to see, but I don't want [...]

Two Brains, One Meeting: Getting It Done as a Team

Many of you know that Ann & Sarah come as a package deal, and while we may give the outward appearance that we are always 100% in sync with one another, there are several differences in the way that we work. I thought about writing this post after she [...]

Leaders, Get in the Trenches

In the Daily Stoic podcast on February 17th, host Ryan Holliday discusses the notion of imperial rulers and he said something that made a lot of sense to me about ancient stoic, Seneca. “One thing I take that’s clear though from all these stoic’s lives is that they were involved. [...]

Collaborating with DPMs: Case Studies and Community

Last month, I started this with "DPMs: The Resource that's Been there the Whole Time." Check it out here because it is a prequel to the content below: CASE STUDIES: LESS FLUFF & MORE EVIDENCE Often marketing materials consists of a short list of reasons why your product or service [...]

Reruns Are a Good Thing

You Heard It Before... But Now It Means Something Else If you are a creature of habit (like we all are) you probably go to many of the same meetings each year. No agenda is ever copied & pasted from year to year, but when you continue to hit [...]

Surprising Real Estate: Toilet Talk

Several years ago I was exhibiting at the No Nonsense meeting in Ohio and I was, initially, none-to-pleased to be placed right by the bathroom. Until I realized just how amazing it is! In fact - here's a photo of me enjoying myself in that very spot (with [...]

Recognizing the Funnel on the Floor

ALWAYS BE CLOSING. If you're in sales and you don't know the ABCs of sales or "coffee's for closers," do yourself a favor and watch the epic Alec Baldwin scene in "Glengarry Glen Ross." If you took the time to do that just now... inspiring, right? Yikes. However, we all know [...]

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