Last month, I started this with “DPMs: The Resource that’s Been there the Whole Time.” Check it out here because it is a prequel to the content below:

Often marketing materials consists of a short list of reasons why your product or service is great or different than the others (quality, service, blah blah blah)…
The Proof is in the Pudding
Provide real stories with real results from your DPM customer-base.
Just because these DPMs aren’t your “official brand champions,” doesn’t mean they can’t contribute to your success with stories of desired patient results. But you have to take the time to ask… and ask more than once. Just because a DPM doesn’t have a story to tell today, doesn’t mean he/she won’t have one tomorrow.

Online Forums
  • Create a page on your website where DPMs can ask questions relative to patient cases and other DPMs can share their advice and/or similar experiences.
  • This creates a stockpile of verbiage that you can extract and use in additional marketing materials.
  • Use an online form that allows for image uploads; collecting possible before and after successes.
Monthly (or Quarterly) Group Chat
  • Moderate an online meeting where DPMs can ask questions of their peers and share stories for education and collaboration.
  • What’s Working For You
  • What Challenges Are You Experiencing?

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