You know who they are – those DPMs that just LOVE everything you say and do. You find yourself saying, “I wish every DPM was like that.”
Well, that’s not ever going to happen – but we can still use some marketing mastery to recruit more of those DPM Superfans… or what we know as BRAND CHAMPIONS.
Square Peg, Round Hole.
  • Avoid trying to force a key opinion leader into this position. When it’s not real, people can tell. Some “big names” weren’t recognized until they backed a brand.
  • Ask your Customer Service Team where your potential brand champions are hiding; they know your customers better than anyone else in your company.
  • Make sure you choose champions who don’t dip their pen in everybody’s ink; everyone can spot a phony who’s just looking for an easy paycheck.
Keeping it Classy.
  • Right Place, Right Time. Everyone can tell when they are being put into a situation that isn’t natural; let your brand champions tell their stories when it makes sense and is in context. Also – don’t give them a script. Let them use their own words and authenticity will shine.
  • No Pressure. Referring your favorite, trusted brand shouldn’t feel like work. Avoid quotas and meetings where you pester your champion about why they haven’t sent any leads over recently; unless you want to create resentment and break up.
  • Keep Your Ego in Check. Maintain respect for them as a client, not as an employee. Also remember that there is a difference between friendship and professional friendship. And finally, shut your lips and learn. Always make sure your champion feels heard by you; you need to genuinely consider their feedback.
Taking the Podium.
  • Educational Grants. This only works if your science genuinely fits within the agenda; attendees always know when a speaker is trying grasping for straws to make it fit into the scientific track.
  • Non-CECH Speaking Opps. Choose a meeting that makes sense for your Champion(s); again, never making a situation feel forced. Create a dynamic atmosphere with an interactive lecture vs. a “I speak, you listen” presentation.
  • Webinars: Finding a Balance Between Science and Revenues. Know your audience. Know who values clinical over practice management and vice versa. Not every webinar can be one or the other either; sometimes you have to have a hybrid webinar. PRO TIP: More, short, focused webinars vs. few, long webinars.
  • Peer-to-Peer Trainings. Let your prospective clients get “their hands dirty” with workshops that are led by your champions(s). The likelihood of real world success stories increase. Peers also feel more comfortable with peers (vs. feeling “stupid” with a sales rep.)  VIDEO TAPE THESE!!!
This is just a starting point. Next month, I’ll be sharing more on Collaborative Case Studies and Referrals.
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