You’ve seen this store… we all have one in our town or nearby…
The show specials on the exhibit hall floor sometimes have the same vibe; mostly because they never stick to the expiration date.
Basically, docs know they can usually get away with waiting to place an order until they get back home and request the show discount; and because it’s not fun to say, “no,” we usually say, “yes”.
Instead of show specials, try something different with on-site referrals. With this strategy, you can give awesome bonuses to your referring docs AND you will bring on new business without “giving away the farm.”
When a current customer comes to your booth and you have a show special of say… 25% off, let’s sweeten the deal a little bit! Tell the doctor to grab a friend/colleague and bring them to the booth for an introduction; then that 25% offer goes up to 50% and they can utilize it at any time. The more they send over to you, the more they save.
The best thing about referrals that happen at conferences is the conversation that ensues. You literally have to do almost no “selling” because the current customer is standing there singing your praises.
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Sarah Breymeier: