… said no one ever. However, in my personal experience, preparing more content creates confidence.

If you are in a sales position where you are asked to give presentations to your prospects, your team members, or other members of your company/organization, it is likely there’s always a bit of nervousness that comes along with it. I’ve been engaged in public speaking since the beginning of my career and there still isn’t a time that I don’t sweat it; at least a little.

Earlier this month, Ann and I were having a conversation about a last-minute presentation she gave at her local Junior Woman’s Club and we started laughing about how even though those who were listening to her speak said she did an amazing job, Ann still felt like she just “winged it.”

This is a common feeling for those of us who have become accustomed to giving presentations regularly; being able to jump into a situation, relatively unprepared, isn’t as nerve-racking as it would have been in our early careers.

As we were talking about it, I asked her if she even got through all of her slides. I asked because when I look back at the “big, important” presentations I’ve had to give in the past, I remember spending a considerable amount of time creating more content than was necessary. In those moments, as I’m writing, I assume I will get through all of it and be able to detail each slide in-depth. I have yet to fall short of the clock.

My point here, is that when I have more content than is likely necessary in my given timeframe, the nervousness comes waaaaaayyyyyy down. Think about it? Are you really nervous about the speaking, or are you just nervous you’re gonna look stupid?

I know for me, that I have an irrational fear that I am going to only speak for 5 minutes of a 20-minute timeslot and then there’s going to be an akward silence. It’s irrational because every time I have created enough content that I could go on for over an hour.

So – prep, prep, prep. Many times we think that means prep your presentation delivery. Yes, that’s important… but in this specific case/tip, prep an abundance of content! The more content you have, the less pre-presentation anxiety you will experience.

Always prepare more than is required and/or necessary so you won’t be sweating all over the podium!
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-Sarah Breymeier