Several years ago I was exhibiting at the No Nonsense meeting in Ohio and I was, initially, none-to-pleased to be placed right by the bathroom. Until I realized just how amazing it is!
In fact – here’s a photo of me enjoying myself in that very spot (with the world’s largest cup of coffee apparently).
Sure, I had to block out the never-ending sound of constant flushing, but the foot traffic was epic.
Last month I wrote a blog about how meetings should be set up so that DPMs are only in one of three spots: the lecture hall, the exhibit hall, or the bathroom.
With that in mind, it’s surprising to me that I never see any sponsorship offers associated with this coveted space. I’m not saying you have to place premier booths near the bathroom, but it may be worth working with the hotel to utilize the areas in and around the bathrooms for sponsor signage. Whenever I go to Nashville, for example, any time I walk into a public restroom, there is always a framed flyer staring me in the face.
There are always hidden gems of real estate that could create loads of ROI for your sponsors; we just have to keep our eyes open and know they could appear in the most unexpected places.

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