I am currently listening to a book on Audible from James Clear; it's called Atomic Habits. As he provides practice advice to help anyone achieve their goals in creating new habits, or eliminating bad habits, there was one area that I found particularly interesting - IDENTITY-BASED HABITS. Here's a quoted [...]

HIDDEN TIP #2; We Didn’t Mean to Hold These Hostage

MY 10 PAGES Random reflections from what we're currently reading. (from February & March 2024 exhibitor newsletters) THE GOAL IS IRRELEVANT Right now I am technically not reading, but listening to a book with Audible called, Atomic Habits by James Clear. I am only a few chapters deep, but one [...]

HIDDEN TIP #1; We Didn’t Mean to Hold These Hostage

Since January, we have divided our standard newsletter into three publications: (1) DPMs, (2) vendors/exhibitors, (3) meeting planners & organizations. Each is different for obvious reasons, however, my hope is that you will find the articles below useful as a physician too! Check 'em out... REALITY TV REVELATIONS Noteworthy takeaways [...]

LET THE LITERATURE LEAD, What I Learned from My MLM Experience

Say what you want about multi-level marketing programs (or as most people refer to them, the dreaded PYRAMID SCHEME!). Granted, it's unlikely I would ever get involved in one again (I had my first and last experience in 2014), but there were a lot of "crash course" business lessons learned. [...]

THE NEXT 30 DAYS, Maximize Each Day of Foot Health Awareness Month

Be honest - are you ready for the month that's made for you?!! Obviously I'm talking about FOOT HEALTH AWARNESS MONTH. Every year, I urge DPMs to use the 90 days (January - March) to plan an epic marketing/communications/awareness campaign to launch on April 1. 90 days may seem like [...]

Collateral Damage: Get Rid of Those Printed Materials

One of my favorite things to (teasingly) make fun of, especially at conferences / exhibit halls because it's so prevalent, are the individuals that freak out when they think they're going to waste their collateral materials. Oh no!!! I printed those materials for everyone to see, but I don't want [...]

Reruns Are a Good Thing

You Heard It Before... But Now It Means Something Else If you are a creature of habit (like we all are) you probably go to many of the same meetings each year. No agenda is ever copied & pasted from year to year, but when you continue to hit [...]

Become a Brand Champion

Having worked with various podiatric providers (from orthoses and lasers to AFOs and emollients), I've come to understand how certain products can become the basis of a thriving podiatry practice; products that the DPM relies on daily to provide optimal care. So, what I wonder is - do they know? [...]

Make that Pre-Meeting Promise

Are you one of those people who is able to get up early in the morning before a work day and go to the gym??? Wow. I applaud you! I am 100% NOT that person - unless I promise someone I'll meet them at the gym. That commitment to another [...]

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