Reflect On Your Meeting Mentality

If you scroll down and check out my Vendor Tip, you'll gain some insight into my sentiment for the podiatry profession and meetings. As I was reflecting on the 12 years I've been working in this profession, one thing became very clear to me. While most of my time in [...]

Find Your Perfect Referral Partner

If you've been a "Tricks of the Trade" fan for a while, you've probably read some of my previous blogs regarding niche. If you want a quick frame of reference, here's one from September, 2019: INVEST IN YOUR PASSION I've had several discussions with DPMs about the possibilities of creating [...]


Richie Brace® or Custom Foot Orthotic for Adult Acquired Flatfoot? Clinicians often debate whether the initial treatment of the Adult Acquired Flatfoot (AAF) should start with custom foot orthotic therapy or should proceed directly with a custom Richie Brace®. While foot orthoses can be effective in the early stages of [...]

Prepare for Your Vendor Experience

We always preach planning for your upcoming meetings in an effort to help you maximize your experience. It's been two whole years since we first created our "My Meeting Exhibit Hall Plan" DPM Download. So, this is a helpful reminder to utilize this tool (and our other downloads) to prepare your [...]

Casting for the Richie Brace® and Removing Forefoot Supinatus

Removing forefoot supinatus is crucial when treating patients with PTTD. Patient must be casted non-weight bearing, neutral suspension technique Be sure to push down on 1st ray and remove all forefoot supinatus (this is most important when treating PTTD) Watch Dr. Richie's training video with instructions for removing forefoot supinatus [...]

Maximize Meetings for Marketing

Being out of the office for several days to attend a meeting can be really stressful. Sometimes, it may even make you resent even going, right? Well, going along with Dr. Dairman's article about having the right attitude will certainly put you on a more motivated path, but I'm also [...]

Know Thyself.

Last month I provided a tip that focused on switching up your schedule strategically based on meeting characteristics that align with your passion and your practice niche. The concept of niching is something I'm very passionate about and so it's not unusual to see it as a common thread in [...]

Switch Up Your Schedule Strategically

Many of the tips we provide discuss taking time to plan and to choose your meetings with serious consideration (vs. copying/pasting what you did the year before). Well, I challenge you to do it again! There was a tip I provided all the way back in September of 2019 that [...]

Monthly Quick Poll – Feedback from Young Physicians

This year, one of the most common threads in our conversations with both exhibitors and meeting planners is that they don't know how to reach young physicians. Well, we wanted to do our best to help with a young physician survey that we posted on our website the entire year. [...]

How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Earlier this year I wrote an article about experiencing imposter syndrome. If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking here. The article was great, if I do say so myself (and I do!); however, it lacked a solution to overcoming this inevitable feeling. Now that I am [...]

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