Engage Without Being a Sleazy Salesman

It’s time to dust off your sales and people skills. You are about to be back in a trade show booth, attempting to engage passers-by to tell them about what you have to offer. Being a good booth rep is a delicate balance of being friendly and unintimidating while also [...]

Get Your On-Site Materials Organized

We recently published a tip in our Experienced Exhibitor newsletter about getting your processes in place for the return of in-person trade shows. I've created a checklist for planning and a checklist for packing that we use when we exhibit and encourage all her clients to use as well. You [...]

Get Your Gear in Gear for On-Site Events

Finally, we are seeing a cautious return to in-person events. Yes, they may be hybrid (both an on-site aspect with virtual), but that means we are on the brink of more events where we will all be face-to-face again! Given, the forecast, now is the time to dust off your [...]

We’re creating even more tools for you…. use them!

This month launched our latest newsletter series: The Experienced Exhibitor. For the last ten years, we (Ann and Sarah) have been immersed in the podiatric space - spending countless weekends in your shoes... on the exhibit hall floor. We created PodiatryMeetings.com with the goal to serve the industry. This [...]

Realizing the Value of DPM Data (vs. only closing sales)

Experienced exhibitors know one thing to be true - closing at a conference is seriously tough! Why then, do we keep coming back to the same conferences year after year? Well, there are a few reasons: Conferences give us face time with our current customers we don't normally get [...]

Maximizing Your Exhibiting Investments

We can't say this enough... we get it. When you sign up for a show (live or virtual), you have BIG PLANS to make it the best show ever... but then the day-to-day workflow gets in the way and you may find yourself scrambling to get everything together at [...]

Time is On Your Side… The Silver Lining of 2020

With no travel we have become very accustomed to local life. So - how are you using this time we’ve been given? Are you making the most of it and choosing to see the positive side of each day, or are you “grinning and bearing” until our lives go back [...]

Build Excitement Even When You Feel You Have Nothing New to Offer

You can't always be creating brand new products and services... in fact, you are probably going to be just as (or more) successful if you "stay in your lane" and continue to provide the top products/services that your company is known for. But still - every company fights this [...]

Taking Advantage of “Dead Time” at a Conference

Traveling and exhibiting at conferences is - well - exhausting!! We get it. Ann and I (Sarah) have done more than our fair share of representing companies for three straight days in an exhibit hall. And when it's busy... it's exhausting. But what's stranger, is that even when the [...]

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