For most of us who have been in the podiatry game a long time, we know that having conversations with our friends and family can get frustrating…

“Ohhhhhh, do you work with Dr. DownTheStreet?” “Ohhhhhhh, I go to Dr. AcrossTown; what do you think about her?” “Who do you recommend I see for my bunion?”

Most don’t understand that we aren’t working daily with the DPMs in our own communities; nor do we have the faintest idea about how they run their practices. Instead, we have to explain that as a regional sales representative (or sometimes the ONLY rep for the entire DPM market), we don’t spend a lot of time getting to know the DPMs who are right under our noses.

What’s strange is, I wouldn’t be surprised that if you were to look at the history of the company you work for – they used to know all of those practices inside and out. I have found that a common narrative of companies that have been supplying the podiatric space for several years all started by building relationships with the physicians in their own towns and neighboring cities before branching out to become the national providers we know them as today.

Ask yourself if you really know the DPM market in your own town? Do they know you? Why not??? If you were going to be able to get your foot in the door – literally – it’s with the DPM Next Door.

When business are brand new, it usually makes financial sense to start prospecting within a circle around your geographic area until you have generated enough revenue to begin expanding. However, once you’ve expanded… and I’m talking over the course of several years… it may be time to consider going back to your starting block.

Think of all the time that has passed from the beginning of your company and how many physicians that used to be in your area are no longer working there. Was there any due diligence to determine who has filled their spots?

I think it’s clear what I’m getting at – START OVER WITHOUT HAVING TO START OVER! How great is that? You get to gain from all the benefits that come from prospecting locally, including lower costs and increased quality time that can result in either a stronger revenue source; or simply serve as a channel of knowledge about what DPMs are experiencing day in and day out. By engaging with your local DPMs, you are getting an inside view that isn’t feasible elsewhere.

Consider the DPMs’ benefits as well. Working with a local company usually provides a better relationship so they are able to express their needs and/or concerns. Additionally, anything that would be shipped from your competitors will take several days vs. a drive down the street for you.
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Sarah Breymeier:

-Sarah Breymeier