What’s New This Year… and Where You Can Find It!

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Relax: Canodyne CBD Recovery Lotion

Canodyne CBD Recovery Lotion is an original formulation crafted with all-natural ingredients which contain anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling, irritation, and redness.
This lotion is high is Vitamin E and Omega-6 (Linoleic) fatty acid to enhance the development of new skin cells.
Canodyne CBD Recovery Lotion Contains: Aloe Vera, Green Tea Matcha, Sunfl ower Seed Oil, and 500mg of THC Free CBD Isolate

TRAKnet 2020 User Conference

NEMO Health presents the TRAKnet 2020 User Conference!This exciting, three-day event (June 18 – 20) will be held in Dearborn, Michigan – just outside Detroit.
Register to learn everything you need to know about TRAKnet, the #1 Podiatry EHR, and all of its integrated practice enhancement features. Existing and potential users welcome!

Micro-Drilling Attachment to Class IV Laser (FDA-Cleared)

The Remy is a Class IV, FDA-Cleared, 4-wavelength, 30-watt laser that provides treatment for pain/inflammation, onychomycosis, and wart removal.
NOW, provided enhanced fungal treatment with FDA-cleared micro-drilling attachment! Micro-drilling is a pain-free procedure that creates micro-pores into patients’ nail plates allowing topical antifungals to reach the nail bed.
By drilling through the nail plate, podiatrists are now able to more effectively treat the source of a fungal problem.
The Remy comes with therapy and fungal hand pieces, a turnkey marketing tool kit, team training with Dr. Zuckerman, and a two-year warranty.


Richie Brace® Medicare Guide

Allied OSI Labs is a premier provider of The Richie Brace® strives to keep you informed about any new details that could affect your practice dispensing program, including Medicare guidelines.
Our 2020 Medicare Guide has necessary information you will need to remain compliant for the year when prescribing AFOs including:
  • Medical Necessity Document for AFO
  • Steps for Pre-Authorization for a Richie Brace®
  • AFO Receipt(s)
  • Suggested L-Codes
  • Quick ICD-10 Code Reference List
  • and much more!


Formula 7®

Formula 7® is the only paraben-free Soluble Tolnaftate** antifungal microemulsion fortified with cosmetic ingredients and bactericidal agents.
Formula 7® is the first tolnaftate microemulsion and it’s dispensed exclusively by licensed medical practitioners. Formula 7® is backed by a patient direct satisfaction guarantee. Call 800-826-0479
**A patented technology developed by The Tetra Corporation and used first in Formula 3®.

Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel®

Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel® is the only paraben-free Soluble Tolnaftate** antifungal microemulsion gel fortified with cosmetic ingredients and bactericidal agents. Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel® is formulated to address the cause of macerated tissue rapidly and without the stinging effect of alcohol-based gels.
Formula 7® Rapid MicroGel® is formulated with both antifungal and bactericidal drugs and fortified with anti-fungal and bactericidal ingredients, penetration enhancers, and cosmetic conditioners and astringents.  Call 800-826-0479 for more information.
** A technology developed by The Tetra Corporation and used first in Formula 3®.


Momentum Wireless Panel

#1 User Score of the MD-Buyline Customer Satisfaction Survey. 10×12 wireless panel with no removal batteries, NO other like it! 3 year warranty, lightest in the industry & easy to maneuver.
True cassette sized hospital-grade 16-bit DR Panel with a Cesium scintillator, providing the highest image quality possible. Available in new and retro fit solutions.

MagnetiConnect® Kit

Use your DermLite with Any Smartphone or Tablet with this Adapter.
3Gen’s brand-new MagnetiConnect® Kit adapter solution lets you attach your DermLite to virtually any smartphone or tablet. Its adhesive metal ring sticks to any iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or tablet, can be used over or below third-party cases, and a patent-pending magnetic adapter securely holds your DermLite DL4 or DL200.
Order your MC Kit today at

Amnio, Cord Blood, PRP, BMC, and Exosome Injectables

We have launched a new sister company, IMS Medical Supply which sells regenerative health  products to podiatrists.
IMS Medical specializes in the sale of Amnio, Cord Blood, PRP, BMC, and Exosome injectables
We also teach you how to turn your practice into a cash-based regenerative health center and bring new patients through your doors.
Learn more at the IMS Medial Equipment booth at the following meetings:
Click to learn more now.

$0 Down Leasing Program

Lease a Zimmer Enpuls Pro shockwave therapy system and pay NOTHING for 6 months! Then only $369 per month!
Just one patient per month covers your cost and you STILL make a profit!
Offer your patients a non-invasive, quick and convenient treatment option for their Chronic Foot, heel and ankle pain.
Call 917-270-3592 to learn more now.


Custom Orthotics Billing & Coding Guide

Our new guide includes:The team at Allied OSI Labs understands the difficulties foot/ankle practices and clinics face regarding insurance, billing and coding for custom orthotics. Orthotics are an integral part of your practice. Therefore, we hope this guide can be used as a tool and resource for your team, serving to help you remain compliant throughout your dispensing process.
  • Suggested Orthotic ICD-10 Cides
  • Sample Letters of Medical Necessity
  • Sample Patient Acknowledgement Form
  • and more!

The G.R.O.W. Program

The #1 Podiatrist-recommended brand of orthotics is expanding the dispensing options to serve the Podiatry industry.
The G.R.O.W program will combine the in-office dispensing option with an opportunity to refer online giving patient’s access to the Protech products but without the need to stock.  To learn more call 888-237-3668.


Practice Engagement Program

This new program includes:
  • Monthly interactive webinars with topics geared specifically towards the challenges faced by podiatrists every day
  • Access to an extensive documentation, compliance resource, protocol development, and training library
  • Membership to exclusive discounts on commonly utilized products, services and liability coverage from dozens of vendors dedicated to our profession (through Podiatric Super Group Management; PSGM)
  • Introduction to additional educational and motivational online resources through the Institute for Podiatric Excellence and Development (IPED), an innovative practice management organization developed to assist podiatric professionals at every stage of practice. Plus, PEP subscribers receive honorary membership to IPED just for attending one of their bi-annual accredited conferences!