Recently, Sarah and I held our first round of “Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind” focus groups. We spoke with many different types podiatry meeting exhibitors to discuss ideas on how meeting organizers can enhance the exhibitor experience.
I always love hosting idea-sharing sessions like these because inevitably other solutions come to mind not necessarily related to the official purpose of the call. In this case, we touched on a few ways exhibitors can improve interactions at their own booths.
One suggestion that kept coming up is the use of games at the booth such as a spin-the-wheel, corn-hole, or plinko. With the return of in-person conferences, whenever I get a chance to be in an exhibit hall, I always pay attention to my colleagues’ booths. Recently I’ve seen several exhibitors host small, fun games.
This idea works because it gives the wandering attendee a reason to stop by your booth, other than the dreaded “Do you know about “XYZ” product?” conversation starter. It allows attendees to enter your booth without any sales pressure. It’s fun, casual, and engaging. The informal nature games leads to general “good feelings” and an organic conversation that may lead into an easier conversation about your product or service.
If you decide to incorporate a game into your booth, be sure to craft and practice a transition statement or question that will segue from the game to a meaningful conversation about your product/service.
– Ann