Ann Dosen
It’s just about the end of Q1 2022. How are you doing? How is your company doing? How are your salespeople doing? How have shows been for you?
Recently when Sarah and I have been on the road we’ve noticed a shift in the attitudes of our fellow exhibitors – a good one! You’ve heard us say before, “it is what you make of it.” Well, my friends, it seems as if you are making it pretty darn great.
When we start a conversation on the trade show floor with, “How’s the show going for you?”, we’re getting very different responses than we are used to getting. I don’t know if it is because we’re all just so glad to be back together again, or if the energy of the conference is making an impact, or if we are all just killing it and writing orders left and right. Whatever it is, keep it up!
Sure, some shows will be slow. Some might even suck. But please, don’t let that get you down! We’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces all year long, in cities from coast to coast! Where should we go next?
Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind – Returning Soon to a Zoom Near You!
Back by popular demand, our Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind sessions will return in April. These brainstorming sessions will focus on topics and challenges we all have experience with. The goal is to collect ideas to improve the conferences we attend while also sharing strategies that have proven successful with our colleagues. Be on the lookout for your invitation!