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Today’s Ultimate Trending Tool: Chat GPT

You’ve heard about it, but have you tried it yet? Do you ever have a day or a moment where you can’t think of the right word to use in a marketing phrase or description? It’s right on the tip of your tongue, right? It happens to all of us. [...]

Remember of All You’ve Accomplished

Earlier this week, a friend I used to work with at a marketing firm (before my podiatry days) reached out and asked me what I have been up to for the last decade. (Note: I'm not the best at long-distance friendships). I'm sure many of you have been in the [...]

Reflect On Your Meeting Mentality

If you scroll down and check out my Vendor Tip, you'll gain some insight into my sentiment for the podiatry profession and meetings. As I was reflecting on the 12 years I've been working in this profession, one thing became very clear to me. While most of my time in [...]

Our Favorite Design Tools for Marketers

Last year, we hosted an event for physicians called PodiatryExpo. During the Expo, one of the segments was a 3-part series, "No Experience Marketing." One of the things we talked about was our favorite design tools that are super user-friendly. In this video, we show you why we use these [...]

Exhibitor Outlook Recap

EXHIBITOR Magazine's 2023 Economic Outlook Survey published some interesting data recently. CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE The graphs I found to be particularly interesting are... Spending on Marketing Channels Top 3 Highest INCREASE Percentage: E-marketing, Online Advertising, Webinars/Podcasts Top 3 Highest DECREASE Percentage: Print Advertising, [Conference] Sponsorships, Virtual Trade Shows [...]

Generate More Referrals

More and more physicians are part of closed networks that try to deter referrals “outside of the system.” While it may be harder than in the past, there are strategies that should be considered….and implemented to ensure that your practice and business thrive in this changing environment. In FABI, we [...]

No Secrets Here. This is What We’ve Been Chatting About with Vendors.

Over the last several weeks, we have taken a deep dive into creating practical ways exhibitors can determine how to "choose the right meetings". So, we thought it only fair to share with you the information we are recommending to our vendor family when they are figuring out what meetings [...]

Find Your Perfect Referral Partner

If you've been a "Tricks of the Trade" fan for a while, you've probably read some of my previous blogs regarding niche. If you want a quick frame of reference, here's one from September, 2019: INVEST IN YOUR PASSION I've had several discussions with DPMs about the possibilities of creating [...]

It’s all about the company you keep

There was an article published in the March/April 2023 issue of PCMA Convene Magazine written by Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes called “How to Use Social Proof to Market Your Event.” Read the full article by clicking here. was founded on this concept and we believe the power of reviews and testimonials [...]

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