EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2023 Economic Outlook Survey published some interesting data recently.
The graphs I found to be particularly interesting are…
Spending on Marketing Channels
Top 3 Highest INCREASE Percentage: E-marketing, Online Advertising, Webinars/Podcasts
Top 3 Highest DECREASE Percentage: Print Advertising, [Conference] Sponsorships, Virtual Trade Shows
A bar chart of marketing

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Spending on Exhibit-Related Line Items
Top 3 Highest INCREASE Percentage: Exhibit Design/Construction, Social Media, Exhibit Space
Top 3 Highest DECREASE Percentage: Exhibit Shipping, Exhibit Space, Show Services
A colorful bar chart with percentages

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Where to Cut Costs
Top 3 Highest Areas to Cut: Sending fewer staffers, Reducing booth size, Exhibiting at fewer shows
Top 3 Lowest Areas to Cut: Using in-house marketing/creative, Eliminating truss/rigging, Bringing fewer products to display
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