If you’ve been a “Tricks of the Trade” fan for a while, you’ve probably read some of my previous blogs regarding niche. If you want a quick frame of reference, here’s one from September, 2019:
I’ve had several discussions with DPMs about the possibilities of creating a niche practice, as well as the pros and cons. Obviously it can be scary to ditch the “kitchen sink” of foot and ankle care to focus on one type of patient / patient condition. However, if this is something you’re thinking about – or are already implementing – find a referring partner who doesn’t do what you do (at least not as well as you); and someone who does all the things you don’t!
A perfect location to find these referring experts / partners… MEETINGS!
Especially if you are at a state meeting where you are more likely to find DPMs in your area / market; which lends itself perfectly for referrals.
Last summer I interviewed Dr. Mikkel Jarman; he is a pediatric foot specialist. Below is that interview…. and if you go to timestamp: 16:28
you’ll hear him discuss this concept. I figure it’s better to hear from someone who is walking the walk vs. just talking the talk.
-Sarah Breymeier