Ann Dosen
Sarah and I have spoken with many companies recently that are redesigning their exhibit hall display. This is a great way to shake things up and test new concepts. Plus – a new setup and graphics will grab the attention of attendees in the exhibit hall. Here are our quick tips:
> Try pushing your table to the back of your booth space and stand in front of the table, rather than behind it, during the show. The open space is more inviting for browsers and doesn’t make them feel like they have to step up to the “counter” to have a chat.
> Streamline your display to the newest or featured products in your catalog. Ideally, you will have less than 10 products on display. Attendees know that you likely offer more products and you can tell them all about them during your conversation. Displaying too many items at your booth is visually overwhelming and attendees subconsciously block out the entire booth.
> Display some of your lesser-known products prominently – this is a great idea especially if you don’t have any new products to offer. As long as your company name and logo is highly visible so attendees know who you are, they will stop and chat if they don’t recognize a product but are familiar with your company.
> If you are designing a new backdrop and everything, keep the design simple. Focus on your company name, logo, and brand colors. Keep words and product images to a minimum. Make it so that attendees can look at your booth and easily identify who you are. I’ve been walking exhibit halls at podiatry shows for over 10 years and I am dumbfounded sometimes when I am standing in front of a booth and can’t identify the company.
Bottom line – keep it simple. It’s tempting to want to give all the information up front so nothing gets left out but this is counterproductive.
PRO TIP – these same concepts apply to ad design. Fewer words. More impact.