We’ve often recommended to avoid the copy/paste method when it comes to your tradeshow strategy; and we still do! However, I’ve also seen and/or been a part of teams that switch up their strategies every so often even when it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the outcome.
What I’m getting at here is – don’t make changes just for change’s sake. Instead of assuming everything in your tradeshow set up and/or process needs to be revamped, carefully go through the list of everything you have on hand (i.e. display, collateral, lead sheets) and dissect why you think it’s working, why you think it’s not working; and if you decide to change any of those things, ask why/how would it truly make a difference?
For example, I know many teams that always want to redesign their booth. Step back and ask yourself if you really believe a booth redesign is going to convert more sales. I’m not saying it can’t make an impact – it is important – but is that really solving the problem at hand? If you’re not getting enough eye balls on your booth, that could be a solution. But if it’s about converting leads, probably not.
All I’m saying is to avoid “blaming” any poor tradeshow results on things that are easy fixes. My guess is the issues are way deeper and harder to adjust. Things like pre-show marketing strategies, post-show follow-up process, on-site offers and sales pitches, etc.
So, as you examine your 2023 tradeshow strategy, take a deeper dive than you have in the past and get to the root cause of any challenges you’re having. It won’t be an easy fix, but the long-term results will pay off.
-Sarah Breymeier