PodoExpert is the very first foam cream to contain skin equivalent lipids. The combination of the patented technology of the bioavailable Lipo2 lipids and the BarrioExpert delivery system makes a unique foam cream proven to induce actual skin repair in just 30 days. 

Clinical studies prove that it not only repairs skin within 30 days but actually puts it into a state of regeneration. Its effects are profound for anyone, but separate studies show it is especially effective for diabetic skin that is at higher risk for breakdown.

PodoExpert actually addresses the cause of the dry skin and is responsible for the reorganization if the lipid lamellar bilayer of the stratum corneum when used twice a day for 30 days.


In this session, Bree Wright, RN, CFCN will review the scientific journal publication behind the prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial for the treatment of severe foot xerosis and the evidence of skin barrier repair. Additionally, you will learn how to help educate your patients in order to achieve optimal, sustainable results.

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