February 2023 at SAM we held an Experienced Exhibitor Workshop that was packed with information. We do plan on sharing it all with you… but here’s a chunk focused on pre-show communication that you can sink your teeth in to for now.
Communication strategy is a LOT to digest… so we’re trying to deliver this to you in a way that is easier to swallow. Enjoy!
Review the Attendee List
Old-school phone calls… or at least send a pre-show email
Make sure they are aware of the opportunities they can take advantage of before the show, and the benefit of coming by the booth (see next slide).
Email Marketing: 3-week Automated Schedule
1. Hey, we’re going to be at the show – here’s our booth information and who you can expect to see
2. We’re introducing a new product and/or a new tool for your practice; or come see us and give us your “pain in the chain” so we can help
3. Show-Special – DUH
It’s critical to feel you got immediate ROI out of a conference with actual sales versus leads.
Remove the stress out of that small window of time by making an offer before the show:
-“Purchase XYZ product (or spend, say, $500) BEFORE the show, and when you get here, stop by the booth because we have a free gift for you.”
– Pre-show purchase could unlock another discount that they have to get on site.
RESULT = ROI and Booth Traffic
Sweeten your standard show special (say 25% off) to 50% off for bringing a colleague to the booth.
Let the current customer sell for you by singing your praises. Be sure to tell them before the show so they can start thinking about who to refer.
You know they are going to come to your booth and order a good amount of their favorite product.
Try this… “Get 20% off the product you purchase the MOST of, and receive 50% off a product you’ve never tried before.”