Being out of the office for several days to attend a meeting can be really stressful. Sometimes, it may even make you resent even going, right?
Well, going along with Dr. Dairman’s article about having the right attitude will certainly put you on a more motivated path, but I’m also here with another tip to help you find even more value in your meeting experience outside of your continuing education.
If your patients don’t get to see you in the office while you’re gone, let them see you on social media.
So often, I hear DPMs state that they are struggling to find content for their social media channels. Well, for one – check out this PodiatryExpo presentation segment I provided in August about email marketing. Yes, it’s about email marketing… but the principles discussed here about content generation can be utilized for social media as well.
Additionally, meetings are the perfect resource for social media content – for a lot of reasons… you’re likely in an interesting location or tourist town… you’re networking with experts of the profession… you’re researching new and innovative technologies…
These are all great opportunities to showcase to your patients that you are committed to continued learning and training, that you are a leader in your field, and that you are seeking new and exciting technologies to deliver them better outcomes.
Take some advice from Kim Kardashian (yes… seriously… she is a social media genius)… “EVERYTHING IS CONTENT”!
– Sarah Breymeier