I’m going to be 100% honest… the poster area of an exhibit hall is one that I just don’t have much to say about. The only thing I can say I know about the posters is that most exhibitors find no value in being near them.

I’m going to cut myself a little bit of slack for being in the dark about this conference staple, though, after reading this statement from the article I am sharing below:

“With medical conferences having so many moving parts, it’s understandable that something as basic as poster creation might not command much attention from event organizers.”

Why is this???? They exist in every exhibit hall (at least as far as I can recall) and they seem to generate a little bit of a buzz, but never a splash.

Obviously the posters are a mystery to me. With that said, are there lost opportunities here? If they are allowed in the exhibit hall, does that mean there are no CME restrictions regarding sponsorships??? Is there a larger opportunity to gain commercial support for posters?

What am I missing?

While I’m looking for answers, my goal is still to assist readers in finding solutions for their meetings. So, check out the article below and I hope we can make POSTERS POP!!

Better Poster Sessions for Everyone
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