Attention Exhibitors!

We have created a series of tips to help you put your best foot forward at the SAM conference!

Our Tips for SAM2023

You may have noticed that the FPMA restructured their add-on opportunities for exhibitors for the SAM2023 conference. This is based on our feedback that exhibitors are looking for options related to their goals: building a brand, networking and strengthening their connections with customers, and generating awareness about products and services. 

Here are a few highlights of the options we think you should check out:

  • Lead retrieval: only $250 – lead retrieval is normally more costly than this and at this lower price it’s easily the most effective way of gathering leads. It even lets you enter a note for each lead such as, “interested in new ankle brace; send sample.”

  • Mobile app push notifications: $250 each. Most times the conference app doesn’t provide any value for exhibitors but in this case, attendees are actively using it for their CECH check-ins so a strategically timed and well-crafted message is sure to get attention.

  • Daily Exhibit Hall Entertainment: $2,000. Work with the FPMA to select something that is sure to keep attendees interested and ensure they stay on-site and in the exhibit hall.

  • Learning Labs (aka Innovation Theaters): $1,000. See our tips on these sessions here: https://podiatrymeetings.com/fpma-exhibitor-tips/ and https://conta.cc/3uWbxGS

Regarding the new exhibit hall hours…

For the past couple of years, we’ve hosted quarterly calls with exhibitors, known as our Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind, to gather feedback and ideas for improvement for the SAM conference and all other podiatric conferences. One thing we hear over and over is to shorten the exhibit hall hours. No rep wants to be at the booth at 7am and have to stay until 5 or 6 pm. Several popular wound care conferences have shortened their exhibit hall hours to a solid block in the middle of the day such as 10am-1pm. Well, the FPMA has heard you and the 2023 conference is a bit different this year. While the exhibit hall will be open from 9-4, there won’t be any lectures from 11-2 and this is designed to implement an extended, concentrated break in the exhibit hall. You may be wondering, how will the FPMA keep attendees on-site during such a long break? I’m glad you asked! For one, they are elevating the food being served for lunch so attendees will actually want to eat in the exhibit hall (no more soggy sandwiches!). They are also hosting entertainment in short bursts throughout the break as well as mini special events and promotions to keep attendees on site. The goal is to create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) so attendees won’t want to miss out on any of the fun. 

We think the shortened exhibit hall hours are great because:

  • Reps will have time in the morning and afternoon to follow up on leads, touch base with the office, and do other work while they are traveling.

  • Attendees will feel of sense of urgency to have quality interactions with exhibitors because their time is limited.

  • No more exhibit hall fatigue for exhibitors.

  • Plus a few other reasons.

We know this drastic change may take a year or two to get the kinks worked out and encourage everyone to be patient. The FPMA is actively listening to their exhibitors and making improvements every year. We need to support the conference organizations that are doing this because, let’s be honest, most of them seem to simply not care as long as they get money from us.

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