Have you purchased a sponsorship package for a conference your company has attended? You know the ones- a list of “benefits” that really do nothing for you, in an effort to have your logo listed among the other event sponsors for just a little bump in visibility?
Have you written the check that goes along with it? It’s not pretty.
Next time you consider sponsoring a meeting, enter into the conversation with more of a negotiating frame of mind. Come prepared with a few ideas you’ve seen and ask that they be switched out for line items that don’t mean much to you.
Maybe your goal is to relaunch your brand and so visibility is your #1 priority. Ask for logo floor decals, column wraps, rotating ads in the elevators and do away with the items you don’t need such as welcome bag inserts and ad space.
Sponsorship packages are not one size fits all. Consider a custom approach. You never know the possibilities unless you ask.