As an exhibitor and sales representative myself, I know how depressing an empty exhibit hall can be. BUT, it’s nobody’s fault! Sometimes there are meetings where physicians are not ready to put themselves in the market place.
I’ve also witnessed the “hard sell” exhibitor… you know the kind… the one who basically throws a lasso around you and pulls you into the booth space. Not fun. Plus it leaves an icky taste in your mouth… and likely deters you from wanting to visit the hall again.
However, I urge you to always take at least one strong, focused lap around the exhibit hall. First – it is possible to avoid the reps that are relentless; simply look down and keep walking. And then, when you look back up, you just might see something that intrigues you.
It may be a new piece of equipment… it may be a new, innovative wound dressing… it may be a company that provides practice management solutions that you’ve never considered before.
Until you’re there… you don’t know what you don’t know. New, surprising products and services are always popping up. So put yourself in the excitement of it all and see if there’s something you didn’t even realize could take your practice to the next level!
P.S. There’s also usually yummy treats in the exhibit hall too…. so BONUS!!