We’re immersed in it now- online learning. But you may find yourself “slipping” when it comes to getting a true educational experience given the distractions that can come with an online experience. So – here are some quick tips to help you stay on point and continue your educational growth while we’re not meeting in person!
  • Treat the online lecture the same way you would an in-person lecture. That means focus on the content… notes with pen and pad… maintaining attention – even if it means another cup of coffee!
  • Eliminate distractions. Now that most of us have gotten pretty good at working at home, this may come easier. But still try to create a space that will not allow distractions (i.e. family, pets, misc tasks that are at arm’s length) to take hold of your attention.
  • Set goals. Go through the agenda and set learning goals for what you want to accomplish to improve your practice.
  • Participate. Participate by asking questions via the online chat tools that may be available during a lecture. Go back to your goals and make sure you’re getting the information from the faculty that you are seeking.