Traveling and exhibiting at conferences is – well – exhausting!!
We get it. Ann and I (Sarah) have done more than our fair share of representing companies for three straight days in an exhibit hall. And when it’s busy… it’s exhausting. But what’s stranger, is that even when the hall is “dead” it can be quite exhausting. Trying to keep yourself entertained during “dead” time is frustrating.
But think about all the time you’ve spent at a conference in the exhibit hall… just kind of daydreaming…. or chatting up other exhibitors… or surfing Facebook and Instagram.
I’m not saying we don’t often check our email and do some quick client phone calls while we’re in the exhibit hall… but I think it’s fair to say we are all guilty of wasting precious time that could be utilized to achieve our goals!
We know that working through sales while you’ve already got a sales hat on during the conference is probably not the item you’re most motivated to work on at the moment… but what about some of these tasks that may be getting put off when you’re “too busy” during a regular week?
  • Jot down some issues that you know you’ve been hearing a lot of from your client base that could/should be shared with your office/home team.
  • Evaluate your tradeshow booth and provide some recommendations on ways the marketing team could improve it’s set-up/layout.
  • Make a list of the common conversations you have at a tradeshow and write them down… your responses are great content for marketing/education tactics like emails, blogs or webinars.
These are just a few small ideas… but the long and short of it is… give yourself some goals on how to fill your “dead” time at a show. We often comment how we don’t have enough time to get “this that or the other” done… well.. sometimes we really do!