When you look at the faculty of a given meeting, do you often consider that the speakers are ill equipped or unqualified to talk on that topic… or is the natural conception to assume he/she must be an expert in this topic? My prediction is the latter.
Don’t get me wrong; by no means am I suggesting that the faculty members of our professions’ meetings are not worthy or providing misguided information. Instead, I’m merely pointing out that we tend to not even question it. We know and understand that the professionals who are providing continuing education content are, in fact, experts.
Why not you? The goal of this “trick of the trade” is to simply challenge you in taking a new, potentially uncomfortable step, to share your own expertise at an upcoming meeting.
Obviously, your topic and research is based on your experience and expertise. As a physician you are a teacher and a scientist!
Getting yourself on the podium has the potential to set you apart – on a higher level – in the eyes of your peers. This then provides an opportunity to showcase your achievements with your patients and others in your community.
Learn more about the importance and benefits of public speaking for yourself. Additionally, if you find you are suffering from a fear of public speaking – take a look at the slides here for some useful tips and tricks to overcome your anxiety!