PodiatryMeetings.com was originally created to provide podiatric physicians and meeting exhibitors access to critical information to help choose and plan for which podiatric meetings, conferences, and seminars to attend.
BUT, we also strive to provide meeting planners/organizers with vital information. With an extensive meeting calendar, we can help you navigate when the best timing would be to schedule your next meeting.
Traditionally, meetings copy/paste their event dates from year to year, but it’s not always 100% the case and given the last year of constant cancellations and rescheduling – it’s been harder than ever to keep up with who is doing what and when.
Ann and Sarah work tirelessly to stay up-to-date on all the recurring and new meeting dates, schedules, cancellations, and updates. Utilize our countless hours to make your life simpler!
Also, we can’t count the amount of times physicians have reached out to us personally to gain information about YOUR meetings… dates, costs, CECH information, etc. Obviously we always refer them to your official websites – but the point is…. be sure to keep our team updated so we can have the most accurate information on our website for you!
Our calendar page has a form at the bottom of meeting listings. Don’t see your event? Or are some of your event details missing? Let us know!!
Guess what else you can do…. advertise! The home page and our meeting calendar are the two most popular webpages at PodiatryMeetings.com – and BOTH of your target audiences are the ones going there.
Advertise to both DPMs for increased meeting attendance, as well as vendors who provide huge value by exhibiting and sponsoring.
Visit the calendar page now and check out your resource and your newest possible marketing channel!