We are all well understanding that conferences are the perfect combination of sales and marketing. Often I get the question, “what’s the difference between sales and marketing.” I always answer with this…
It’s similar to leading a horse to water… marketing leads the horse to water, and the sales representative makes the horse drink.
So now I ask YOU a question. How synergistic are your sales and marketing team members?
Continuing to consider that “what got you here won’t get you there,” it could be time to evaluate how well these two separate but similar entities are coordinating efforts to create a successful tradeshow.
It’s extremely easy for marketing teams to be immersed in tasks such as creating beautiful artwork for brochures…. or determining what the next ad for PM News (for example) is going to look like. When we get so busy with all of the day-to-day marketing tasks, we can often forget about how important it is to work with the sales team to ensure the tools we have lined up for a tradeshow are going to greatly increase the likelihood of closing a sale.
I remember when I was the marketing director for a prevalent orthotics lab, I would constantly look at every tool that was drafted and ask myself “how is the sales rep going to utilize this material?” If it didn’t make sense logistically, I would start over.
So, as we roll into face-to-face meetings again, take some time to make sure the sales team who is going to be attending shows has a “pow-wow” with the marketing team and go over with a fine-tooth comb everything that is going to be presented – from the backdrop, to flyers, and videos to order forms.