We have all heard that it takes varied, repeated exposure of something before it resonates with the audience. We’ve written about this before… click here
Earlier this year I got to see this repeated exposure concept in action. I think of our PodiatryMeetings.com sales strategy for selling sponsorships and advertising a bit differently than traditional sales, but the truth is, it’s all the same.
We spend all year demonstrating our value, taking care of our customers (sponsors), and gaining recognition and traction, then in the Fall we actually get to the selling. If we’ve done our job right, by then we don’t even really have to sell anything- we have a waiting list and our program sells itself.
I always find it encouraging when I get to see a “rule” prove itself to be true in the real world. This experience is proof of concept that several repeated exposures from different sources finally lands results.
Where have you seen “rules” prove themselves to be true?
Email us at BeHeard@PodiatryMeetings.com to let us know.
-Ann Dosen