One of the best things about getting out of the office and to a conference is hearing what others are doing – and then wishing I was smart enough to think of it first!
One of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time is finding another exhibitor colleague and becoming referring partners; then take it even a step further and strategize how you can exhibit as close to one another as possible.
Here are some pairing examples to get you thinking…
If you sell a laser for toenail fungus, find a fungus topical provider you know and trust. Combination therapy works best, right?! One, Two Punch. Patient gets the laser treatment, and then is sent home with a topical to enhance treatment before their next session.
Now that I’ve provided an example…. here are some more that may align:
  • OTC Orthotics Provider and a DME Provider (i.e. night splints or compression sleeves).
  • IPK Treatment Provider and an Insole Provider that Offloads the Hot Spot
  • Pathology Lab Provider and a Dermatoscope Provider
  • Risk Management Provider and an EMR/EHR Provider
  • Nerve Supplement Provider and a Vascular Testing Equipment Provider
  • Practice Marketing Provider and a Practice Consulting Provider
These are just examples, but take a moment to think about what type of end-user (patients) are using your products/services…. and put yourself in the DPM’s shoes (oh my a podiatry pun). What other products would that DPM be providing that same patient who is using your product?
-Sarah Breymeier